On the Hunter Hub, you can redeem a wide range of rewards. Collect items, find as many kryptomon as possible and discover surprising in-game rewards, such as unique K-Mon eggs that make your growth as a trainer an exciting exciting. Your Digital Album - Never lose track of your achievements! On the hub, you will find a personal personal digital album where you can manage and where your friends all the K-Mon cards you have collected so far. A veritable virtual museum virtual museum of your adventure in the K-Mon world.

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redeem and discover!

Get ready, you’re about to enter the exclusive HUNTER’S HUB, where you can redeem codes on K-MON TRADING CARDS and win great prizes, on this page you’ll find all the necessary instructions to enter!


On each card you’ll find a code that allows you to add a digital copy to your personal album.

k-mon trading cards carta abilità
k-mon trading cards k-mon card


Collecting K-Mon cards will give you the chance to receive items and rewards in the game


If you find the rare mystery cards, you will get a unique K-Mon egg!

k-mon trading cards mistery card


  • Go to www.hub.kryptomon.co/sign-in
  • Register for free, or log in if you already have an account.
  • From the navigation menu, select REDEEM CODES.
  • Enter one or more codes and select SEND CODE.

The cards you redeemed will now be part of your digital collection!

PINK MOON k-mon trading cards


You can complete two different collections and obtain the corresponding rewards.

Each unique code can be redeemed only once!

k-mon set

Each duplicate of the same K-Mon contributes to the set, collect 2, 5 or 15 copies of the same K-Mon to unlock new rewards!

Sbloccherete un K-Mon appartenente allo stesso elemento, che potrà essere utilizzato nel gioco GENESIS per rafforzare la vostra squadra.

With two identical K-Mon you get a ‘common’ version, with 5 K-Mon you get an ‘uncommon’ version and with 15 K-Mon you get a ‘rare’ version!

k-mon trading cards fuoco


From the very first packet you buy you have the chance to win a prize!

As soon as you have entered your first 2, 5 and 10 K-Mon respectively you will get a spin of the WHEEL OF FORTUNE, the prizes won can be used in the GENESIS game!


The first edition of the K-MON TRADING CARDS contains 56 different K-Mons, 7 of each element; collect all the K-Mons of an element to get the reward!

Once you have finished an element set, you will obtain a ‘STAR TICKET‘ that can be used in the GENESIS game to significantly accelerate the growth of your K-Mons!

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