When the Pink Moon rose on earth, the veil separating it from the elemental plane of Kogaea became thinner than ever. The unborn K-mon (their eggs) were drawn to Earth by the potential of humans to help them grow.



K-Mons are elemental creatures from a parallel universe called Kogaea. In ancient times, K-Mons existed as bodiless spirits, but when a human accessed their universe, the will for friendship and companionship caused these spirits to merge into a material body!

Kogaea is a plane parallel to the Earth where the forces of nature are in pure harmony with each other. In ancient times Kogaea was a place of pure primordial energies, but when there was first contact with a human being, the elements divided from each other and formed boundaries, which are now the shape of the eight elemental regions of Kogaea.

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The balance between the elements is tricky!
Each element is strong with respect to another and is in turn vulnerable with respect to a third one. The element wheel shows you the relationship between weakness and strength of the various elements.

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The dark and mysterious regions of Hammu are the refuge of the ghostly K-Mon These creatures can become invisible, pass through walls and generate frightening illusions. They can influence people’s dreams and even conjure fearsome shadows that often bring severe panic attacks to those who see them. The lands of Hammu are pervaded by this power, which appears as a dense, perennial mist.

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The K-Mon who inhabit the region of Aelum are radiant beings with wings that resemble dancing flames. They live in territories where volcanoes are constantly active and rivers of magma flow freely. Their magical gifts are focused on the art of pyromancy, allowing them to generate powerful gusts of heat. Fire K-mon are capable of both unleashing volcanic eruptions and enveloping their enemies in tongues of fire.


The K-Mon of the Oura Mountains are linked to the element air. They have wings or feather-like appendages that allow them to soar gracefully through the air. They can manipulate the wind and air currents to move quickly or create powerful storms imprisoning those who dare to stand between the peaks of these mountains. They can also control the climate on a small scale, influencing the weather in the region.

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These K-Mon are perfectly adapted to the rocky and mountainous environment of the Sha region. They have a tough skin, which is especially useful in physical fights. They can create earthquake tremors or build strong stone defences. Famous for their brute force.


These K-Mon are found in the frozen lands of Cryonia. They have bodies covered in thick fur to survive the extremely low temperatures and cover their bodies with ice to defend themselves. They can freeze everything they touch, creating walls of ice or generating deadly snowstorms.

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The K-Mon of the herbaceous forest regions have a floral appearance covered in plants and flowers. They can manipulate plant growth, causing explosions of vegetation or creating natural traps to trap enemies, but their greatest power is their great capacity for regeneration.


Ukko’s K-Mons are creatures charged with electricity. Hanno la capacità di generare potenti scariche elettriche, e spesso si sovraccaricano di energia. They can manipulate electrical circuits. They live in regions where technology is advanced and electricity abounds.

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The K-Mons linked to the water element inhabit the oceanic and lake regions of Yuni. Their powers allow them to manipulate water, even drawing on water particles in the atmosphere to protect themselves or attack.

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